She was blind, orphaned, and attacked by her own aunts, and now sheltering in a ragged tent, enduring a dust storm. The storm and rickety tent felt like easy problems compared to the beating her aunts delivered earlier in the day.

The thing was, Oralee ended up with more than a black eye, cuts, or bruises from the beating. That sort of pounding crushes the spirit. They’d tried to terrorize her. There’d been no one to help her or call off the furious women. She grappled with the horror, trying to get control of her mind and decipher why her aunts attacked her. As the sand storm raged outside her tent, her mind and emotions stormed inside herself.

With a snap, a tent corner lifted then settled under a dust drift. Curling herself into a ball, she welcomed the distraction as she fought against pain. Her head and ribs throbbed that much harder, so she lay back and eased onto her side. I have kids to watch out for. I have to do better or at least look better until I am better.

Reaching out, she touched her two little brothers and her little sister, sleeping fitfully next to her. For their sakes, she had to survive. Except for her and their older brothers, the kids were at the world’s mercy now that Papa was gone. I don’t know if I’m able to do this Papa. I know I promised. Just remember I’m still a kid. A pang of shame poked at her. She knew she’d stick to the kids, fierce as a mama bear, and fight the entire world for them. From her two aunts, today, she’d learned she’d literally have to fight.

From the pages of Oralee's Light ...

The Journey Begins

The glassed-in front porch was where Doc had his square little office. It bordered the street. As Oralee joined the Doc and the Sheriff, hot sunlight slanted through the glass, burning through a shaft of airborne dust. She smelled it, and it reminded her that summer and lots more dust was on the way. She sneezed as she often did when the sun flashed too bright, too sudden. Opening her eyes after the sneeze, she sucked in her breath and jumped, startled. A bright indigo band of light surrounded Doc’s head and shoulders. Where did that come from?

Doc blinked and sat back to observe her. Puzzled. “What spooked you just now, Oralee?”

She Learned to See

Oralee’s story keeps you spellbound. You join in her journey to bring light and safety to her family. You hold your breath as you watch the blind teenage girl learn to use her courage and extra vision. Then you cheer as she leads her beloved brothers and young sister from homelessness and fear to a better life. A captivating story for anyone at any age.